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Bulgaria has the necessary IT infrastructure to handle offshore development. A lot of the western firms have already embraced these markets.

Our design process

We will meet with the client to discuss the objectives and purpose of the logo, this is the creative brief. We will discuss the target market and how we will use the design to communicate to the audience. A common mistake is to let our own visual preferences affect the design of the logo, the goal is to make sure that the logo speaks to the targeted audience and not the client or the designer.

Next, we will begin the concept development where we will design a variety of concepts based on the creative brief, typically these will be in black & white. These concepts will be presented to the client, at which point a direction is chosen for the next round of concepts. Once the second round of concepts are presented the logo begins to take shape.

Based on the process of conceptual development we have a finished logo. We now explore logotypes, a color palette and various layouts of the logo. Also, a secondary logo may be created if necessary.

Once the client has approved the final logo design, we compile a disk containing an assortment of logo files for different applications and a corporate identity manual outlining how the logo should be applied and used. This disk is on file for the client to reference as well as any outside vendors/companies that may use the logo. Following the guidelines in the manual is crucial to the success of a logo.

What is a logo and why is it so important?

A logo is the mark that visually represents a company or organization, this forms the foundation of the corporate identity. It is a name, symbol, emblem or other graphic that is designed for easy and definitive recognition by a targeted market.

A company logo is the way that the world sees your company. People are very responsive to identifying logos and their meaning. With this said, it is very important to the success of the company that the logo is well thought out and reflects the image of the brand.

A solid logo is a simple and direct way to represent and describe your company. The most successful companies have an estabilished identity consisting of a strong logo. A strong logo will create an increase in visibility and will result in sales.

What makes a strong logo?

Simplicity is a very important aspect to a successful logo. Too many graphics, images and shapes can clutter the logo and result in a negative impact. The logo should be recognizable and have a strong impact at multiple sizes. Thinking about the applications of the logo is pertinent, how do you plan to use your logo?

Flexibility is very important when thinking about the various applications of the logo. Using multiple colors, gradients, photographs, etc. may make it difficult to use. There are times when options are created for the logo to fit these applications.

Uniqueness might be the most important aspect, this will visually separate a company from others. It is important to research the trends of a specific industry but using common colors or shapes can distract from the purpose of the logo.

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